Lobster Flushing

Cover your eyes and keep reading. I was in the shower this morning with a headful of shampoo lather when the water temp went from pleasant to “drop the lobster.” I immediately thought, “What a great test of spirituality or humility or patience or something desirable like that.”

I couldn’t quite get my brain around what I was testing, but I knew I was having an okay day because it didn’t completely derail because somebody in the house flushed or ran the tap too hard rinsing their toothbrush. I stepped back and waited, enjoying the rising steam and keeping my feet clear of the spatter, rather than ranting like a, well, dropped lobster.

Maybe it was because I’ve had a week off, or it was Saturday, or I had no place to be in a certain number of few minutes that I could just chill out and wait for the water to return to normal. Or maybe it was because I have these moments lately when I can step back, see the big picture and perceive my current crisis for what it is: a luxury problem. I’ll take that over being too poor to eat or find shelter any day.

Anyway, (cover your eyes again), I got this twisted idea that we could test for true enlightenment by observing how, say, a handful of televangelists react in similar circumstances. Let ‘em soap up real good, then flush the toilet and see if they totally lose it or if they can handle it with patience. Now that I’ve explained it, I realize I shouldn’t entertain profound ideas right after a big cup of coffee in the morning because this one’s pretty stupid.

Never mind.

9 Responses to “Lobster Flushing”

  1. clem Says:

    Ah, dorm life. Instead of contemplating patience maybe you should celebrate that you still have the reflexes to get out from under the stream before you get scalded, and that you didn’t bust your butt in the process.


  2. dondo Says:

    Roger that!

  3. jules Says:

    “drop the lobster”
    way to go, honey bunny

  4. dondo Says:

    I love you Pumpkin!

  5. Sideshow Says:

    entertaining and provactive…instead of getting really hot at my home here, the water just stops raining out of the shower head. it is not as painful as “lobster hot water”, but equally as irritating. however, watching a televangalist get scalded by hot water and dancing around out of harms way would A) be funny and B) perhaps bring in more phone calls/$$……hhmm, hang on…..i think i just had an idea………….

  6. Aunt Kaffeen Says:

    Spring has sprung
    the grass has riz
    I wonder where
    my brudder is.

  7. Lauren Rivas Says:

    Oh darn, my message disappeared because I didn’t do the math. Well I’m going to bring my bike to Jekyll Island for three nights and two days of biking and staring at the Atlantic Ocean. I’ll try to remember what else I just had to say another day (-:…………..

  8. Boris Says:

    Here’s Johnny!!!: “Once we have those 42 new nuke power plants, our hot water problems vill be over. “

  9. Freddie J Says:

    This actually happened to me once as well. I ignored the pain, dressed and went to work. A few hours later, I realized that several of the the blisters had burst and soaked the back of my shirt. This then lead to some amazingly tender care from a Florence Nightingale in a hospital in Bern, Switzerland — I still remember the wonderful sensation of the cool pultice that she put on my back.

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