The Wrestler

I didn’t think there’d ever be another movie that rocked my world after Klunkerz came out, but I was wrong. If you’ve ever been a media-driven, two-dimensional public character who got lost in being that character, you gotta see Mickey Roarke and Marisa Tomei in the The Wrestler. I got a good glimpse of who I’d be at my age had I not broken free of the grid that was Captain Dondo and put my energy into the mundane world of work, family and friends. Captain Dondo was as close as I ever got to being a rock star—and I can’t say the allure isn’t still there (otherwise we wouldn’t be having these little public chats)—but I’m so glad I got over it in time to salvage the rest of my life, not to mention a chunk of my dignity. Wow. I love mountain biking. Don’t ever doubt that. (I’m seriously considering going out for a ride on the refrozen crusty snow on Big Pink before the afternoon snow storm shuts the Opportunity Window.) And I don’t think I ever took my position in the bike world as seriously as some people I’ve worked with. But if I ever try to turn this into anything more than the occasional blog entry, Dirt Rag story or Kenda Fest apprearance, just shoot me.

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  1. Repack Rider Says:

    I’ve been TRYING to sell out. I would wear the neon colored disco costume with the two-foot fringe. I would be a two-dimensional cartoon character. I would do the “story line,” whatever it takes to cash in my limited celebrity.

    How do I do that?

  2. dondo Says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure blogging is a monetary dead end. Do you think anyone would pay money to watch us wrestle each other? Nah. But they’d probably pay to watch Gary wrestle Zap. Just no accounting for taste. If there was a bus, I failed to get on it.

  3. Bevan Says:

    The check is in the mail.

    Or would you prefer a bus token?

  4. Jules Says:

    Funny you wrote this as a guy who’s made a truckload of money on his blog (for the cancer community) just asked if “Captain Dondo is still alive.”

    Though I have never seen you and the Fat Cyclist together at the same time.


  5. dondo Says:

    Ditto Jabba the Hutt.

  6. Big Palooka Says:

    Broski, The Wrestler Rocked my world! Aronofsky and Siegel totally got it right. Micky Rourke is back! Check this out —->


  7. El Torino Says:

    Dondo will be in my heart forever. Dondo is immortal. Keep the faith baby.

  8. Lawlie Says:

    Well I came back looking for some more insight. I finally got the Micky Rouke thingy. Not really. However I figured out what might rock my world when I grow up. I start school August 24th. I want to be a Design Consultant for private or industrial clients. Dondo is immortal and I’m certain in the hearts of many. We need the book. I’m taking a one day writing class at the Poytner Institute in St Pete. You might know the Pulizer award winning reporter teaching part of the day!

  9. Lawlie Says:

    I finally passed this gosh darn math and moderation thing. So it’s never too late to give it a go whatever it may be. I just found my purpose statement again; “It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.” I don’t know who said it, I think; anonymous.

  10. frick a frack Says:

    why not write a post? It’s been a long time.

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